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How Long Should a Flag Last?

There is no definite answer to this question. How long any Flag will last depends on its location, the weather, airborne contamination and how often your Flag is flown. Remember, your Flag is a piece of cloth that works very hard. Throughout its lifetime your Flag shakes, trembles, drapes, snaps, chafes, bakes, freezes, ripples, flutters, furls, twists, flaps, strains, flies, unfurls and hangs. Is it any wonder that a Flag that flies continuously may need replacing two or three times a year? Wind, water, sun and carelessness are the major enemies of a Flag.

You can take some important steps to lengthen the life of your Flag. Occasionally washing your Flag in warm detergent water will prevent pollutants and dirt from weakening the fabric. Always let your Flag dry thoroughly before storing it to prevent mildew or color transfer. If your Flag starts to fray have it repaired before further damage is done. If you notice a tear or wear at the fly end of the Flag it can be trimmed off and re-hemmed to extend its life. Always keep your Flagpole as clean as possible and move the Flagpole if your Flag does not have adequate room to fly unobstructed.