Flag Management Program
The major enemies of a flag are wind, water, sun and carelessness...the single
greatest cause of flag deterioration.
Have your flag(s) repaired at the first sign of fraying, don't wait for it to be blown to
shreds. No one can control the weather, but you can take care of your flag(s) and
lengthen its life span. We care about your flags, we would like to help.
A large commercial real estate company has made the investment of flying Old
Glory from the top of a 45' steel flagpole, sitting atop a 7 story building just
outside of Boston, MA. It is a high visibility location which is desirable but it also
greatly exposes the flag to high winds/gusts and lots of water. Under these
conditions, unattended, the flag would last just months.  The need to replace the
flag 3 or 4 times per year was becoming a regular expense and a problem.

Since turning to Proforma and using their Flag Management Program:
  • Proforma has reduced their need to replace the flag by 33%
  • Proforma has greatly reduced their flag expenses
  • Proforma has IMPROVED the overall appearance of the facility by keeping
    the flags updated always looking fresh and new.
Proforma's Flag Management Program is designed to let us
help you with the regular repair and rotation of your flag(s).  
We work with our customers to help ensure that their
investment in flags and equipment is maximized.
A large property management company has contracted with Proforma Flag
& Banner to maintain their flag and flagpole atop the historic Granite Bank
Building.  Due to the high winds and elevation, the flag here takes a beating.  
As one of the most visible flagpoles in the area, the flag is viewed by many
people every day.  When the flag became torn they would start to get calls
from concerned citizens and veterans asking for a replacement.  

Flag Management Program works to help reduce your overall flag
expenditure while at the same time improves the appearance of your
Manulife Insurance located in South Boston made an investment in
(3) 50' stainless steel flagpoles.  Along with that, they were flying a US
flag, a State of Mass flag and the Canadian flag. This location is
essentially on the waterfront so the flags were getting beat up and worn
out.  The problem was evident, we stepped in to help.

Now, under Flag Management by Proforma, the flags are always looking
fresh and clean.  
By converting the standard nylon flags to heavy-duty polyester commercial grade flags, the lifespan of each has
been extended.
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