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Residential Flagpoles
Residential Mount
Ground Set

Residential flagpoles can be simple outrigger
style poles that are mounted off your front porch
or they can be standard in ground flagpoles.  
Residential flagpoles are available in aluminum
and fiberglass.

Ground Set Pricing Information:

Good: Priced between $75 - $250, this class of
residential flagpole is
Sectional* (in 4' /5' pieces)
usually aluminum with pulley, gold ball top and
ground sleeve.  Some models are telescopic up
to 20', these are excellent for tailgates and
vacation homes were a permanent installation is
not practical.  Can be shipped via UPS
sectional), installed in a weekend.  

Best: Priced from $450 for a 15 foot pole  up to,
660 for a 25 foot. These models are 1 piece
construction  fiberglass  and usually require
professional installation ( not included in price ).  
Sizes range from 15' to 25' but industrial poles
can be used if larger sizes are wanted
*Sectional Flagpole Kit
617-964-5533 Wayland,(Boston) MA